Hackschool Education

We have a very simple idea at Hackschool. We listen to the interests of young people and match the training to the interest.

Social media and tech is the key way young people express themselves. We take that passion and turn it into a creative outlet that often has a job at the end of it. It is something that requires focus and self-motivation, which is a much easier habit to learn when you have a passion for something.

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Hackschool Business

Businesses who invest in tech will be the businesses left standing in the next year.

At Hackschool we do a number a short and long courses that will help you adapt to this environment.

We can also provide consultancy and bespoke software development.


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Hack TV

As part of our commitment to our community we’ll be starting Hack TV.

An online local news channel.


Why I started Hackschool

Hackschool’s mission is to provide cheap fast-paced industry-focused digital skills training for business, education, and local government.

As someone who has worked in the industry for 20 years, I believe digital skills training can be quicker, cheaper and better. We strongly believe in vocational on-the-job training, and ultimately you can teach yourself more than you think.