Bringing local news, arts and culture content, providing a platform for local businesses and creatives, showing people how to DIY digital… HackTV is here for big ideas.


HackTV: A Local Media Platform Based in St Helens.


Video Work

Studio Rental

Our fully kitted-out studio is available for you to rent for video podcasts, product demonstration videos, unboxing videos, and much more. 


We have a team of video editors who use industry standard software to ensure that the look and feel of your video is on point.


In the past we’ve covered local news, dance and music events, workshops held in local schools and by St Helens charities and organisations. 

As well as doing it for you, we can teach you how to do it yourself. Independence is fundamental to any thriving business – let us help you with one of our tech training courses.

Our courses can be tailored to meet the needs of your business – so if you don’t see anything listed that sounds quite right, get in touch!

DIY Digital With Our Courses


Graphic Design and Photography

Whether it’s for a website that will wow your customers, or for spectacular social media that stands out from the crowd, our team of talented designers and photographers can work with you to create the look and feel that captures your brand perfectly. Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you.

Whether you need an animated explainer video for your product, branded lower thirds and idents for videos, or motion graphics for your website, our team can help.

Motion Graphics and Animation


Are you an artist, writer, blogger, designer, filmmaker, video editor, animator, streamer, gamer, creative, and/or a tech head? We’re always on the lookout for people to join our team.

We have positions open that are ideal for talented hobbyists who have always wanted to go pro with their passion. Click the button below to see what we have available. 

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