Chatbot Labs are working with HackSchool Business

Case Study

Chatbot Labs are working with Hackschool Business to promote their new platform. It’s a chatbot that’s aimed at the small business.

It is designed to answer common questions that a small business gets in a conversational user-friendly way. It cuts down on email and phone calls so the business can get on with the more important parts of the business. It’s easier for the customer as it can be set up to work in different ways, you could use on your website, phone or even apps like WhatsApp and Teams.

As Chris Bain, founder, says “We are bringing conversational technology to everyone, like having LiveChat but the answers are automated. No longer do you have to find your question in an FAQ, just ask.”.

Like most businesses, COVID meant adapting the product to the new environment.

“Haha, we were originally aiming it at hostels which threw a bit of spanner in the works. So we changed the app to be a lot more general and spent a lot of time making the interface better”

Hackschool are designing a marketing campaign for Chris. We’re making training videos and adverts to promote Chatbot

“When I saw the explainer videos you’d done I thought it would be a great way to explain what we do in simple bite-sized ways”

We’re also starting live streams from our studio.

“Doing professional streams in a studio will just cut through so much more. The market is pretty saturated with people doing one-hour Zoom webinars. Hackschool is a much more engaging experience. You get a nice studio, good audio, animated graphics, the kind of things you get on the telly! But a lot more affordable”

And it doesn’t stop there, next in the pipeline are a series of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn video adverts.

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