Hackschool Business

With an economy in freefall and the worst recession in 90 years around the corner those that can adapt quickly will be the ones left standing.

The future is increasingly digital. If you want to learn and learn quick then Hackschool Business is for you.

How to make better LinkedIn Videos

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Coming soon – Digital Bootcamp

A 2 day a week 3 month course which will cover

Creative Tech

  • Produce good quality video content on a smartphone and edit this with Adobe Premiere Pro and Filmic Pro.
  • Better quality smartphone photography, including post-production with Adobe Lightroom.
  • How to use WordPress at an intermediate level.
  • Facebook advertising.
  • Combine these skills in practical ways that a small business might need. For instance, a Facebook video or advert.

Advanced Cloud Tech

  • Advanced Office 365.
  • Remote working with Teams.
  • Basic SharePoint and automation with Microsoft Flow.