How to be an Instagrammer

Learn how to use your smartphone to create a stylish consistent look.

Everyone wants to look good on social media but the skills to make your Instagram feed look cool are the same skills you need to make your bosses feed look good too.

Whether your going for a gritty rock style, retro hipster or business professional learn how to use industry standard but free software on your mobile to get the right look.

On this course you take an artistic idea, technically execute it, and apply it commercially.

Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to take an artistic idea, like posing for your imaginary album cover, and turn it into a consistent look in the way that professional Instagrammers and YouTubers do.

Interactive streamed lectures

Interactive streamed lectures on YouTube.

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Careers Advice

Real world careers advice. What are tech businesses looking for.

Learn about recruitment, interviews, wage negotiation as well the social technical expectations of a tech business.


Zoom tutorials

Zoom tutorials with industry professionals from both creative and tech




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You can access all the course content, including the live streams on the course website.



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Industry professionals

Our tutorial are done by industry professionals. Drama coaches, coders and social media experts.