My career so far

When I left high school, I didn’t know what on earth I was doing to be honest, or where I wanted to take my career. I had some quite imaginative career paths before, such as a DJ, an astronomer or maybe a professional food taster (still hoping on that one) but none of them stuck.  I always lost interest or I found something better. The few things that did stick, were my hobbies, photography, film and media. So, I thought, why not try and make a career out of it. 

I ended up taking the three subjects in college, and I loved it. I loved studying films that I grew up watching, I loved intertwining my art with my photography, and I loved annoying Jodie in media. Well, what I should say is that I loved learning about the different way’s media can be used to market an idea. After a while I realized that all three subjects linked together, where I was using the skills from photography in film and media, and vice versa. So, I knew from taking these classes that I wanted to find something I can do that would take all three skills I had learnt, mash them together to get a job that I would enjoy. 

Half way through my first year, I had a run in with a great opportunity. I joined the “BBC Get into Media” scheme that ran for 18 months. I went to Manchester, to the BBC offices to take place in workshops about how the BBC runs using the media they have. It showed me that the job that I wanted was in media, creating content for an audience that they would enjoy. 

After this program ended, I went to apply for the BBC Production apprenticeship scheme, but sadly due to the corona virus it was cancelled until next year. So I had some time on my hands, not going to university to try and find a job that can give me what I wanted, that could help me expand my skills in media. That’s when I found Hackschool and Chris. 

Being at Hackschool so far has helped me come a long way in managing digital marketing. I have learnt a lot on how to create a brand, how to influence an audience and how to reach them. Hackschool has helped me understand the media industry by working as a digital marketer, which is what I would like my career to steer towards. It has helped me understand how a digital technology company runs, and I can take the skills that I have learnt forward as I enter a mini apprenticeship for the BBC later in the early year. 

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