Chris Kennedy



I’ve been a software developer for 20 years. I do “bespoke systems integration”. If you have one system that doesn’t talk to another system and there isn’t a product on the market to do it. I’m the guy you come to.

I moved back to St Helens about 4 years ago. I grew up up. The slightly “Wirral” accent comes from going to school in Rainhill and having “placcy scouse” mates. I’m from Sutton Manor.

Seeing the town slowly dying made me want to do something. Let’s not kid ourselves. This isn’t just austerity, this has been slowly happening since they exported the mines and didn’t replace them with anything.

The thing is, there’s a massive shortage in digital skills. These are well paid jobs and the opportunities our young people deserve. Unfortunately our education system isn’t delivering.

This isn’t a funding issue. We’ve created this bizarre world of pointless Ofsted targets and university degrees that train people for jobs that don’t exist. Ask any teacher!


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Shooting my mouth off105%